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Why join a Caravan Club ?



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Be part of the enjoyment and excitement of being a member of a caravan club

What is a Caravan Club?

They are families young and old, who own caravans, with an interest in meeting on one weekend in each month.  This involve towing your van up to 200 klm to a forest park, caravan park, school ground, scout camp or show ground.  This area is often chosen for a particular feature, such as beauty, beach, local carnival etc.  It is usual for the club to arrange entertainment, which may be a sing song around a camp fire, a variety night, or a film night.  Once a year states may hold a state get together for a state rally.  Every three years club members from all over Australia gather for a national rally.  Here you can make friends from interstate.

Why join a Caravan Club ?

Enjoy your van all year.  By using it once a month at the club rally instead of once a year for your holidays.  You will also meet friends to travel with and enjoy our beautiful countryside with others who have a common interest.

Happiness for all ages.  Entertainment is organised to include all age groups.  Meeting new friends is an important part of life in a caravan club.

See more places.  Caravan clubs are able to access many venues that are available to club members only.  You will visit places off the beaten track that you would normally by-pass on a holiday trip.

Visit interstate rallies.  Members are welcome at other club rallies simply by contacting the Club Secretary - another good way to meet new friends and find out about their local area.

Learn more about your van.  Members come from all walks of life.  Most are experienced caravanners who can give you many valuable hints and assist you with problems that may arise.

What will it cost?  There is an annual membership fee, which includes the cost of your monthly news letter, a joining fee, some other club costs that vary with each club, plus the cost of your stay at the monthly rally venues.

How do I join a Caravan Club? 

Contact one of the Club Secretaries.  When you contact a club they will invite you to join them at a rally.  If you enjoyed the weekend - go again. Most clubs give the option of attending as a visitor for two rallies, then joining the club at your third rally.
As some clubs have a limit on their membership, do not be disappointed if the first club that you contact has reached its limit, there are others that do have vacancies or some that have no limits.

The above information was kindly provided by Mrs. Deirdre Mulder Secretary of the Combined Caravan Clubs of Queensland Inc.

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Club Secretaries.

If these details need amendment due to organisational changes, or you do not wish your club detail posted, please notify No Boundaries

If your caravan/motor home/campervan club is not listed and you wish to do so, please forward details and proof of club registration to;

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