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NSW Rego renewal info

We have received a number of questions regarding what to do if your vehicle is NSW registered and rego is due whilst travelling interstate.  I have put the question to RTA NSW and below is their response.  We hope this clears up any questions & myths on this subject.  (22May2013)

NSW registered vehicles are required to undergo and pass periodic inspection in order to renew registration.  Exceptions to this are some light trailers and conditionally registered vehicles.  The inspections are conducted by either a NSW Authorised Inspection Station, or if the vehicle is a heavy vehicle, Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) conduct the inspections through its Heavy Vehicle Inspection Scheme (HVIS). 

Inspections must be conducted as close as possible to the registration renewal date to ensure that the vehicle is in a safe condition when the registration is renewed. 

In regards to NSW registered light vehicles that are travelling interstate, with the exception of the ACT, an inspection report issued by another jurisdiction is acceptable for registration renewal provided it is issued by:

         the registering authority in the state or territory (eg Vic roads), or

         an agent that the interstate authority has approved to conduct inspection on its behalf, or

         a recognised motor industry body that is a member of the Australian Automobile Association (ie, RACV, RACWA, RACQ, RAA South Australia).

If an inspection report is obtained from the above, it must record inspection details similar to those listed on NSW paper inspection reports. NSW light vehicle inspection reports identify the vehicle and indicate the condition of: brakes, steering and suspension, wheels and tyres, body, seats and seat belts, lights and headlight aim, engine and driveline, exhaust system, towing attachment, LPG system, number plates and indicate that there are no dangerous protrusions.  The vehicle must pass the inspection.

A letter from an interstate garage stating that the vehicle is suitable for safe use is not acceptable.  If the vehicle is within 50 kilometres of NSW, an inspection report must be obtained from a NSW Authorised Inspection Station.

Heavy vehicles subject to inspection by RMSí HVIS are not subject to the same concession regarding interstate inspections and must obtain a HVIS inspection. 

Persons that are interstate when their registration renewal is due should contact 13 22 13 for further advice.


Mt Warning - First to see the sunrise - Wollumbin  - Cloud Catcher

This really is a must do!  However, a warning for Mt. Warning! - if you have a heart or lung condition, are not used to heights, or are unsteady on your feet, it is suggested that you don't attempt the climb to the summit.  This walk is rated as 'strenuous' - a rating not to be taken likely; - although we did encounter both young and 'substantially' old enjoying the challenge, and the achievement! (obviously fit and able).  Time suggested for the walk is 4-5 hours - to finish before dark, plan to leave by midday.  The view from the summit is definitely worth the effort - it seemed like forever for us to come down, but a nice hot coffee and snack finished off the adventure nicely.

Here's proof - your hosts Lyn and Kym at the summit of Mt Warning.






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