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Toll information

Victoria has tolls roads within the metro area.  The tolls on these roads vary in cost and payment methods (they are also reviewed at regular intervals).  We have attempted to provide our guests with the latest information relating to this.  No Boundaries will be updating as best as possible.  If you find any of our information incorrect please let us know so we can correct the error of our ways.  Further information is available at CityLinkMelbourne City Link encourages travellers to contact them on or before their first day of travel through Melbourne.  City Link staff can explain options (including, for example, should you have an interstate tag mounted in the vehicle, you can just roam and the tolls will be charged to the "home" account).  
Prices quoted are the maximum for one trip if the traveller has a tag account.  A pass, which pays for any number of trips over a period ( 24 hours, or a weekend),  costs about twice the trip cap (displayed prices).

Melbourne City Link

Links the Tullamarine, West Gate and Monash Freeways around the western and southern sides of the city of Melbourne

Toll method. 
Casual - A day pass system is available for infrequent users 
Video - Use of this system involves a $1.20 surcharge on top of normal tolls.
Electronic - Vehicles with a 'tag" must use designated lanes.  

There 7 toll booths on this road system.  The costs quoted are the maximum cost.
Note: Tags can also be used in Queensland on the Gateway, Logan Motorway and Gateway Extension.  In NSW. the Harbour Tunnel, the M1 (Eastern Distributor) M2, M4 and M5.   

  $4.92 for cars (including towing caravan) Cab chassis vehicle with mass less than 1.5 tonnes.  $6.56 for Light and heavy commercial vehicles  

Exhibition Street Extension 

Links the southern end of Exhibition Street (at Flinders Street) on the edge of the CDB with Swan Street in Richmond and the southern section of the Melbourne City Link

Toll method.  
As per Melbourne City Link 

$0.82 for cars (including towing caravan)   $1.31 for Light commercial vehicles and $1.56 for heavy commercial vehicles

  Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to publish current information, No Boundaries accepts no responsibility for variances and changes made by the various road transport authorities  



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