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Western Australia

Important information for remote areas

Entry to certain areas of Western Australia is restricted. Visitors are required by law to obtain permits prior to gaining entry. 

"Apply online for an entry permit to travel through Aboriginal land. Information about travel through Aboriginal land and remote parts of Western Australia. An entry permit is required before you can travel through Aboriginal land in Western Australia."

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Western Australia

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It is advisable to plan for supplies of fresh fruit and vegetables to run out just before crossing into WA and then re stocking on arrival.  WA checkpoints operate on the Victoria Hwy at the WA-NT border (24hrs), the Eyre Hwy at the WA-SA border (24hrs) and other border roads using a mobile checkpoint vehicle on a random basis.

 Requirements for some common imports, including pets are listed below.    



Interstate Travellers’ Guide

Western Australia is free from many of the insect or animal pests, plant or animal diseases and weeds which are present elsewhere in Australia, but there is a high risk of them arriving on goods carried or used by travellers.

Invisible or hard to see dangers – such as insect eggs and fungus spores on fruit, or seeds on muddy tyres – could cause them to become established and damage Western Australia’s agriculture, environment and social values.

Your cooperation in preventing the introduction of pests, diseases and weeds is appreciated. Please declare all food, plant material, animals and agricultural items at Quarantine WA checkpoints.

If travelling by road, plan your journey so you use up fresh fruit and vegetables before crossing the border.

Please wash soil from your vehicle before reaching the border and check for seeds caught in the radiator, floor mats, clothes, shoes and bags. Also check that vehicles and camping gear are not harbouring cane toads.

Travelling into Western Australia

Prohibited items

·           Fresh fruit and vegetables* unless certified in State or Territory of origin

·           Home-dried fruit and vegetables which have not been dried to commercial standards

·           Frozen raw apple, grape, stone fruit, paw-paw, blueberry, mango with skin or seed attached, unpeeled potato and onion

·           Raw walnuts in shells

·           Honey and other hive products unless certified as heat-treated

·           Bees and apiary equipment• Hay/fodder

·           Weeds and weed seeds

·           Soil (including soil in plant pots)

·           Used agricultural/horticultural containers (such as potato sacks, wheat/seed bags, chaff bags, fruit/vegetable cartons)

·           Plants* (including cut flowers and foliage)

·           Seeds*

* Some fresh fruit, vegetables, plants and seeds are classed as Restricted, which means they are allowed entry under certain conditions.

Plants classed as Restricted must be certified and soil-free. Seeds classed as Restricted must be identified by species name and free from

contaminant seeds; some must be certified as free from particular pests and diseases. Visit for entry


Permitted items

·           Commercially packaged dried fruit and vegetables except for apple and loquat with peel

·           Frozen raw fruit and vegetables except for those listed above as prohibited

·           Nuts except for raw walnuts in shells

·           Fresh fish

·           Dairy products

·           Meat products

·           Processed foods such as biscuits, fruit-cake, fruit juice, cordial and dried packet foods such as polished rice except for unmilled rice

Travelling with animals

Pets such as horses, pigs, alpacas and so forth are classed as livestock and therefore must meet entry requirements. Notice of livestock movement must be given at least 48 hours in advance to Department of Agriculture and Food (DAFWA) Stock Inspectors at the Entry Inspection Points, which are Kununurra (ring 08 9166 4000 or 0420 101 714), Kalgoorlie (08 9088 6033 or 0417 957 234) and Perth Airport (08 9368 3370 or 0408 090 716).

Inspections are restricted to daytime so plan your arrival accordingly. Trucks and horse floats must be washed down. Visit for entry requirements.

Pets such as cats, dogs, budgerigars, cockatiels, weeros, domestic rabbits and guinea pigs are permitted entry, provided cages contain no fruit, vegetables, seed, feed or straw. Many other birds and animals are prohibited, restricted or require permits. To check requirements, ring the Department of Environment and Conservation on (08) 9334 0333.

Travelling within Western Australia

Uncertified citrus and stone fruit are prohibited entry into the Ord River Irrigation Area (Kununurra) from 1 April to 30 November. Carefully check other fruit you are carrying, to reduce the risk of introducing fruit fly.

Palm material is restricted in movement from the Broome area to prevent spreading the palm leaf beetle.

Potatoes from the Perth metropolitan area are restricted in movement to other potato growing areas as a precaution against potato cyst nematode.

Banana plants, leaves and soil are restricted in movement from the Carnarvon and Kununurra areas to prevent spreading banana aphid, banana weevil borer or Panama wilt. Banana fruit is not restricted in movement.

Western Australian checkpoints

·           Western Australia – Northern Territory border
at Kununurra on the Victoria Highway (24 hrs).

·           Western Australia – South Australia border
at Eucla on the Eyre Highway (24 hrs).

·           Other border (desert) roads
use a mobile checkpoint vehicle on a random basis.

·           Amnesty bins
are located about 20 km east of Laverton; and on the Tanami Road and Duncan Highway near Halls Creek.

·           Perth Domestic Airport
(detector dogs meet most flights).

·           Kununurra Airport
(inspectors meet most flights).

·           Broome Airport
(inspectors meet most flights).

·           Indian Pacific train
(inspectors board the train at Kalgoorlie and Perth).

For further border checkpoint and quarantine enquiries:

Ph: (08) 9334 1800 • Fax: (08) 9334 1888


Don’t risk a fine

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